Intake Forms for Planned Parenthood

Goals? Make it Simple.

• Simplify entering and updating patient histories
• Pre-populate the app with patient data from prior visits
• Integrate with NextGen’s EHR (Electronic Health Record) system
• Simplify patient on-boarding and patient scheduling for medical staff
• Roll out in conjunction with cutover to their new EHR system

The Solution?

An appealing iPad app integrated with NextGen’s EHR System.

The Need? Appeal to Millenials.

Planned Parenthood needed an inviting app to appeal to millennials for capturing patient on-boarding information — and it needed to sync seamlessly with their Electronic Health Record system.

What’s Unique?

• Integrates seamlessly with the NextGen Electronic EHR system to provide bidirectional exchange of data.
• Incorporates prerequisite logic to present questions to patients that pertain specifically to them.
• Intake’s “Walk Away” feature hides and protects patient data if the patient abandons the iPad for any reason. Secure communications between the iPad and NextGen provide an extra layer of protection.
• Provides wireless printing of the form in the event Planned Parenthood’s system is down .