Green Mountain Software’s New Digs


After two years of discussion, we finally get the go-ahead to start work on our new office.

It’s going to take some imagination to envision this 1960’s data center being transformed into a haven for software development.

Construction begins

It’s been a long time coming … We gave the go-ahead to begin construction on our new space in December 2014.   It’s now November 2015.

The big surprise? Gigantic windows!

It’s starting to take shape

Windows and skylights! What a contrast to the cave-like offices we’re living in across the hall!

And we’re in!

We get our Certificate of Occupancy February 4, 2016. We’re in and ready for the next chapter of Green Mountain Software!  

We’re excited about a view that expands all the way to downtown Burlington, plenty of meeting rooms and a working space that is ripe for creating inspiring software for our clients.