A Wellness App based on Brain Science

The Wellness Environment (WE) at the University of Vermont (UVM) is an innovative program designed to instill healthy behaviors in students at their most vulnerable ages — their college years. In essence, it empowers students to make better choices while their brains are still maturing — and maintain these healthy habits throughout their adult life.

As part of an immersive program based around four pillars of wellness — mindfulness, yoga, fitness and nutrition — they needed an app to incentivize students to engage in these positive behaviors.

When the WE team approached Green Mountain Software to develop their app, we were thrilled to take on the challenge. To succeed in promoting these behaviors, the app needed to succeed in engaging the students who use it — on their terms. The result is an app based around the iPhone and Apple Watch that utilizes chatbot technology and iBeacons to intelligently interact with students based on time of day and where they are.

Wake up in the morning and WE Cat may ask you how you slept. Head to the dining hall and WE Cat will ask you to log your food. Walk past the gym, and WE Cat will give you a gentle reminder to work out. WE Cat also tells you about Wellness Events of the day, encourages you to work out, chill out and meditate, and take a daily survey about your day. With interactive dialogs developed by students, WE Cat speaks their language.

Pioneered by Professor James Hudziak, M.D., WE is significantly reducing substance abuse on campus and earning national attention for its groundbreaking approach.

Helping Home Outside Scale for Growth

The concept for Home Outside germinated from a nationally respected, landscape design firm, Julie Moir Messervy Design Studio.

Not everyone has the budget or access to professional design services, but they had a deep desire to make those services available to all of us at an affordable price.

First they developed a do-it-yourself app for the iPad and began to offer design services through the app for people who needed more help. Then then they got the attention of a national home supply chain — and are poised for growth.

They needed to ramp up rapidly for an entry into a national marketplace — both in technology and designer personnel — and needed someone they could trust to advise them on how to get their technical house in order to handle their expansion.
That meant managing their web and app development along with their technical assets — and incorporating all of that as an integral part of their business strategy.

We worked with them to manage the roll-out of their new website and next generation of their app. Importantly we set them up with an automated customer support system that will scale and enable them to respond to rapid growth.

“The excellent team at Green Mountain Software has been our virtual CTO for the past year. They manage our overall technology strategy, including advising us on website and SEO, as well as our app and help desk system architecture and development.

They are so responsive and knowledgeable, always getting back to us immediately, and giving us great big picture thinking as well as the nuts and bolts. We couldn’t be happier!”Julie Moir MesservyPresident and CEO of JMMDS, Inc. and Home Outside, Inc

Making swimming pools and spas safer

Pool Shark H2O came to us to develop their mobile app for inspecting commercial swimming pools.  Those inspections are important —given that 80% of the 360,000 commercial pools in the US do not meet health code requirements.

Based in Bennington, Vermont the company needed an iPhone app to accurately log pool inspection and maintenance — both for the owners and to meet the requirements of government-mandated inspections.  Enabling inspectors to do off-line recording — and with a patented mechanism for geocoding— the app ensures that the inspector is on-site when the work is done as well as time stamping when it was done. With the water analysis calculations built in, the app tells you exactly which chemicals you need to put into the pool — and is simple enough that anyone can use it with minimal training.

Since launching the app, Pool Shark H2O founder Scott Trafton, has doubled the number of clients and has expanded to 19 states — and is growing.

“Green Mountain Software has been great. The initial development was a six-week process and they were very easy to work with.”Scott Trafton, President, PoolShark H20 inc.

VTC celebrates Vermont’s Emerging Leaders

Vermont offers the SBA’s Emerging Leaders course for the first time in 2016 and Green Mountain Software Vice President Ann Pettyjohn is one of twenty selected. More than 80 applied, and it was an honor to be selected.

Seven months of extensive study, homework and mentoring with her fellow CEOs result in a Streetwise MBA — and new friends throughout the state.

Ann Pettyjohn is in the center back.

Vermont Emerging Leaders Class of 2016