W+B App

Jazz Weight and Balance

A next generation application for pilots

Simplifies Essential Tasks

General aviation pilots needed a better way to compute aircraft weight and balance of the aircraft prior to taking off. Available apps were clunky and unappealing so Jazz Software set out to create one of its own.

Simple and Elegant

“As a private pilot I really wanted an elegant and simple app for calculating weight and balance, and couldn't find one,” said Lou Krieg, President of Jazz Software. “We spent countless hours working with pilots and students to ensure the Jazz Weight and Balance app meets their needs for both accuracy and ease of use.”

Most Important Preflight Tool

“Jazz Weight and Balance has become Vermont Flight Academy’s most important preflight tool. Its easy to use interface makes a daunting and time consuming task fast and simple. As Chief Flight Instructor my job is to train conservative and safe pilots. This app has made my job easier and I can verify that none of our planes are flying in an unsafe condition.” - Ben Higgins, Chief Flight Instructor, Vermont Flight Academy

Multiple Fuel Stations and Units

The app needed to handle planes with complex fuel systems. Jazz Weight and Balance offers a flexible fuel burn profile for an accurate weight and balance calculation. Multiple fuel burn units gives users the ability to calculate the weight and balance based on volume, time, or weight.