Smart Cars

Apps for Analyzing Smart Vehicles


Analyzing PHEV Operational Data

As part of a multi-year initiative to analyze the impact of electric vehicles on the smart grid, our client needed an app to collect performance data for a pool of plug-in electric vehicles (PHEVs) … from Chevy Volts, Nissan LEAFs and Teslas to Odyne and VIA Motors Trucks. They also needed a smart web app and server that could collect and analyze the data, and provide sophisticated graphing and reporting capabilities.

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PHEV Modal

car to graph

Creating Individual and Fleet-Specific Profiles

The solution was to build an iPhone Logger app to capture data on a 24×7 basis, along with a web-based app and server for analysis. Researchers can look at snapshots of individual events, trips and driving cycles, as well as driving and charging performance of a PEV or a fleet over a month or quarter. This enables researcher to create individualized and fleet-specific profiles, and compare vehicles across geographic and weather conditions, driving patterns and driver classes.

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PHEV graph

Unique Features

Fleet & Vehicle Snapshots

The web app graphs key metrics such as State of Charge, Speed, Battery Usage, and KW Demand and KW per hour.

OBD-II Adapter Integration

The Logger app reads out and interprets the vehicle’s performance data via an OBD-II adapter connected to the vehicle’s CANbus.

One-Second Data Collection

With the ability to capture data at one-second intervals, the Logger app provides researchers with a granular view for analysis.

Billions of Records and Counting

To-date we've collected and processed billions of data records, and that number will only go up from there.


Source: The Electric Power Research Institute, Inc. Used with permission.