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I have worked with many developers on projects in the past years. Most of the experiences were good, but I have yet to work with any individual or company that was as meticulous as Green Mountain Software in delivering a quality product on time.

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Concept Validation

If you need to know whether your concept is technically and financially viable, we can help you make that all important "Go/No-Go" decision— prior to making the investment in development

Virtual CTO

Sometimes you just need a trusted technical advisor to assist you in making smart decisions. You want someone with years of experience in architecting and building software that you can lean on — from concept to deployment — and as a long-term technical partner

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User Interface & UX Prototypes

Providing an early "look and feel" for the app's user interface, navigation and ease of use, prototypes can be instrumental in getting user feedback on your app.

Proof of Concept Demos

Proof of Concept Demonstrations often involve testing the ability of the mobile app to perform well with an external device, technology or application. Technology demonstrations are instrumental for testing feasibility and performance.

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System Architecture

We're experienced in architecting reliable and robust software solutions. We've designed both large-scale mobile solutions linking into existing enterprise systems— as well as standalone applications.

Mobile Applications

As a mobile software "boutique", we know what it takes to deliver powerful, high quality mobile software applications. You'll want an app that makes the most of small screen real estate. Its interface will need to be compelling and intuitive for your users — whether your app is simple or complex. It will need to perform like a champ even when it's not connected to the internet.

Web Apps & Big Data Services

We're experts at designing and building the apps, protocols and interfaces that allow mobile devices to seamlessly exchange data with desktop or web-based systems. When we get that data, we know what to do with it. We're experienced in working with Amazon Web Services to build web apps for processing, reporting and analyzing the terabytes of data we collect. Plus we're experienced in integrating with external hardware (instrumentation, communications and measurement systems).

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Testing Your App

We have the know-how to bring your app into the world— from setting up your beta testing, providing feedback tools and "train the trainer" sessions.

Launching Your App

We also have the technical mojo to assist you with your marketing efforts — from developing web content, screencasts, and end-user instructional materials to getting your apps in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Ongoing Support and Enhancements

All apps need ongoing support and enhancements to keep up with the latest technologies and user demands. We can provide second line assistance to your support team — as well as set up a series of planned releases to incorporate enhancements to your application and new releases of the operating system.

From start to finish

Your Idea

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We'll work with you to vet your mobile app and determine the best technical approach.

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We create powerful prototypes so you can visualize your app before it's built.

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We'll involve you at every step along the way.

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Your app needs a proper launch — from testing to getting into your users' hands.

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