Remote Worker Management

Shaft Drillers needed a shift reporting app that felt like it belonged in the field.

A shift reporting app that feels like it "belongs" in the field.

As a geotechnical construction company, Shaft Drillers has field personnel at job sites all over North and South America. They needed a system for their field workers to automate collecting payroll, equipment use and construction progress on a daily basis.

What's Unique?

• Web-based management tool that enables in-house staff to customize data collected by division, process Shift reports and manage payroll. • Customized UI for each of SDI’s operating companies • Ability to work offline in remote locations and report back when the supervisor is in communications range. • Synchronization with Sage Timberline system for payroll and inventory management • Interactive maps to job sites • Transmits data about weather conditions.

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Client Goals?

• Automate collecting shift reports from rural and urban locations throughout the world • Integrate with Sage Timberline system for payroll and equipment management

The Solution?

• A customizable construction-themed iPad app and intermediate server to connect to Sage Timberline

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