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Jazz Meeting Tracker

For iPhone and Apple Watch

Time is Money

Ever sat in one too many meetings? And then looked around the room and wondered just how expensive that meeting was? Jazz Software did, and thought it would be a great excuse to build an app to demonstrate a clean and functional user interface and workflow.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

The Jazz Meeting Tracker was one of the first apps written in Apple’s Swift programming language. As a thoroughly modern programming language, Swift speeds up development time and helps eliminate bugs.

Add Attendee Perspective
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Apple introduced the Swift programming language in 2014. Prior to Swift, we programmed in Objective-C because it was the only programming language to make iOS and OSX apps. Unlike some developers we didn’t shy away from the overhead of learning an entire new programming language and all the frameworks that go along with it. Having fully embraced Swift as the future of iOS and OS X development, we've been able to deliver apps with even greater efficiency and reliability.

Apple Watch

When we first pre-ordered the Apple Watch we knew it was going to be big. The Apple Watch app made the perfect platform for quickly keeping tabs on your meeting; that’s why we were one of the first app developers to release an Apple Watch app.

Finding Clever Solutions

When we first started working with WatchOS we discovered a number of limitations— ranging from the ability to pass information between the iPhone and the watch to getting animations to render on the watch. It wasn’t long before we found clever solutions to these problems and were able to deliver our Apple Watch app without sacrificing functionality.
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