Smart Grid Apps

Smart Grid Apps

Apps for Managing the Smart Grid

Apply mobile technology for energy management breakthroughs.

Our client is all about conducting research pertaining to electricity for the public good — its generation, delivery and use. They came to Green Mountain Software to work alongside with them to explore how smart devices can be leveraged as cost effective tools to manage the smart grid.


• Create apps with the power to transform how the Smart Grid is managed • Leverage built-in capabilities…GPS, audio and cameras…for signal processing, GIS mapping and work safe procedures • Design “smart” apps to assist consumers with power consumption choices

The Solutions?

iPQ Analyzer assesses the quality of power being transmitted. Early detection of anomalies can alert utilities to potential problems and prevent power outages. ▪ iCV Analyzer detects unsafe levels of contact voltage and alert utilities before a field worker or innocent bystander gets a highly unwanted shock from a charged metal object. ▪ MyAltFuels is a mapping app for electric vehicle charging stations and alternative fuels sources. Pulling its data from the National Renewable Energy Lab’s database, our client envisions the app providing fuel prices in real-time and allowing consumers to make charging station reservations. ▪ LiftTruck Calculator compares the overall cost of ownership for material handling vehicles based on fuel type: propane, diesel or electric. Users can determine the true cost savings and estimated environmental benefits of electric trucks versus their internal combustion counterparts. ▪ Field Force Data Visualization demonstrates use of augmented reality technologies in field worker safety, asset management and guided repair.

What's Unique?

• iCV Analyzer and iPQ Analyzer feature Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) computations and near real time FFT coefficient correction. • Proof of concept apps for embracing emerging Augmented Reality technologies and standards such as OpenADR and GIS. • Rapid prototyping of apps for numerous technology demonstrations on short notice.

IPQ Analyzer
ICV Analyzer

Source: The Electric Power Research Institute, Inc. Used with permission.