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Creating mobile apps since 1993

As mobile computing specialists since 1993, Green Mountain Software offers a full range of software development services for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. We’ve earned a reputation for building high-quality, high-value mobile solutions … for companies ranging from startups and the Fortune 500… to everything in between.
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"… a proven leader in developing mobile apps."

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Technology has never been so close

We understand wearables. From the Apple Watch to Augmented Reality (AR) goggles and helmets, we have the knowledge and experience to incorporate these exciting new technologies into your mobile apps.
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When we first pre-ordered the Apple Watch we knew it was going to be big. Apple Watch was the perfect platform for quickly keeping tabs on your meetings; that’s why we were one of the first app developers to release an Apple Watch app — Jazz Meeting Tracker.

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Augmented Reality

By incorporating Augmented Reality (AR) technologies into mobile apps we've helped field workers visualize assets they can't see — like underground pipes — and "see" the information they need to work safely with them.
It's like Pokemon Go For Power Utilities

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Web Services

Experts in BIG data

We're experienced in developing web apps for displaying terabytes of data. We've built custom systems for collecting billions of data points from hybrid vehicles in the field — and energy storage systems for solar arrays.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

We have expertise in Amazon Web Services and optimizing solutions for uptime, redundancy and security.

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Handcrafted in Vermont since 1993

As one of the nation’s most experienced mobile software firms, we offer the Best of Big and the Best of Small. We combine the professional management skills gained from working for Fortune 500 companies with the agility and responsiveness of a small software boutique.

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